Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Kitchen Garden

Following the success of the Pathside Edge Picking Bed this year, I've decided to expand the garden to the other side of the pathway. Just outside the back gate it's the ideal spot for a Kitchen Garden. Just a few plants of foods we can pick frequently without having to venture over to the Main Vegetable Garden.

Arrows indicate where the photos were taken.
The photos are numbered.

From the North West corner which is the Back Pergola Gate.
You can see the layout from here.
A recovering Red Russian Kale (from early season pest attack) near the centre tub which is a Wicking Tub containing Dill, Coriander and a newly planted King of the North Capsicum.
To the right is another Wicking Tub with Parsley and a newly planted Ida Gold Bush Cherry Tomato.
Between the tubs is Feverfew.
These are under an old Lemon tree with a Lemon Verbena next to it.

On Northern side of garden but on South side of Tank Shed.
Therefore is shaded during winter.
Butternut Lettuces
Creamgold Onions (for using as spring onions)
Jerusalem Artichokes at rear
A few Purple Dragon Carrots that survived early bug attack!
Red Shallots on Edge

The Western side of the pond viewed from the SW corner.
The Rosemary hedge
Florence Fennel
Nasturtiums Cosmos, Marigolds, Calendulas, Lavender.

The Pond
Was built about seven years ago and worked well until the roots from a nearby Gum tree attacked it and it began to leak.
I had planned to re-seal it but now have decided to fill it with rocks and put a few of the boxes with Waterchestnuts in it.

I didn't count on rain filling the pond but this will drain. rolleyes

This is the Berry Fruit Wicking Bed on the Eastern side of the garden viewed from the West
Thornless Loganberry

The framework is for a shade cloth cover to go over the top and West side of the bed. The ends will have mesh on them to let the bees in but keep the birds out.

The Southern side of the garden viewed from SE corner
The pathway indicates where the clothesline goes above.
Lavender and rosemary are planted here to add fragrance to the washing.

Eastern side of bed edged with Rosemary hedge viewed from Berry Bed
Tigerella Tomatoes on Stakes
Black and Romanesco Zucchinis - leftover from main plantings.
Perennial Sunflowers by Rosemary.
Five coloured Silverbeet and Calendulas.
The seedling Plum tree has Alyssum, Nasturtium and Lemon Balm growing around it.

Looking South from the North Eastern corner
The Berry Wicking Bed at rear, the cage is there to allow the shadecloth to be attached soon it's covering a Feverfew.

The Northside of the pond viewed from the NE corner.
Tigeralla Tomato on stake
Lemon Cucumbers
Perpetual Spinach in Tub
Phacelia at tub edge
Purple Asparagus at pond edge
Purple Sage near tub

The north side of the pond viewed from the East.

The Lettuce Edge from the Eastern side.
See 2 for planting list.

Wickingbed - On the North side of the chook house
Giant Pink Banana Pumpkins.
A couple of Cherry Tomatoes that should be able to climb on to the chook house chooks will be in there this season.
The Apricot Tree is a volunteer seedling that fruits well.
Has Shade cloth cover over.
Pumpkins will be able to sprawl over area as it's not a thoroughfare.


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